10 quick tips on how to promote yourself as an up and coming artist- Isabella Crebert

You’re talented, you’ve decided to take your talent to the next level and you’re out doing gigs! Shortly, you’ll be the word on the street and having everyone tapping their feet. But people need to know who you are. Here are ten quick tips when it comes to promoting yourself as and up and coming artist.

  1. Make social media accounts- make an account for Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram dedicated to your music career. This is the most beneficial, successful and hassle free way for an artist to promote themselves. Keep the content regular and up to date.
  2. YouTube videos- upload a video of yourself at a live performance, or a cover. Upload a video at least once a week.
  3. Cards and Fliers- there are many websites you can use to create business cards and fliers. You want to have the links to all of your social medias, and what events you are suited to playing at. Place these cards and fliers around your local neighborhood, in music shops, even at schools or universities.
  4. Posters when performing- place an image of yourself on your mic stand or in your case when busking or gigging. Place your name and social media on this image in large, bold letters.
  5. Recognizable logo- when making you cards, fliers, or posters; you’ll want to have a logo that is unique and that represents YOU!
  6. Ads in school magazine or other appropriate media- placing an ad in different magazines or newspapers with your logo is one of the easiest ways to promote yourself
  7. Network- contact local businesses and ask if they would promote you as an artist. Have them place cards on their desks, in their products or posters in their stores.
  8. Enter competitions- competitions such as battle of the bands, Triple J unearthed and many more will get your name out there
  9. Get recommendations- have your parents, friends, grandparents, anyone you know; suggest you for performances if they know anyone. Having people leave recommendations on your social media account is also a great lure for potential customers.
  10. Performing at social, charity, fundraising events- performing at events that you do not earn a profit for suggest your willingness to get out and perform!
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