20% Of Kids Learn Music – 80% Of Adults Wish They Did!



Here at The National Music Academy we have students of all ages, all levels and all instruments. Our youngest student is 6 months old and our oldest 91 years old (an old jazz crooner!).

It’s a really beautiful thing that we notice how involved the parents are in their child’s education and it excites us! It even got us thinking more than just about being a parent and bringing them to music lessons? Why not a sport or art classes? The answer lies below:

20% of kids learn music – 80% of adults wish they did!

In the early years, much of the “environmental input” that’s so critical for brain development is directly facilitated by a child’s parents and the kind of interactions and experiences they provide for a child.  That’s why Kindermusik has always asserted that parents are a child’s first, and best, teacher.  One of the best kinds of early experiences a parent can provide is in a music class, especially one that offers a rich, multi-sensory and developmentally appropriate experience, supported by Home Materials that take the joy, learning, and bonding into the home and throughout the week in between classes.

At NMA we foster a culture driven by PASSION, EXCELLENCE & GENUINE care, with our students proven results speaking for themselves. We work together to create a unique & holistic approach to your lesson structure and provide mentoring to help you realise your musical goals, however big or small they may be! We encourage our students to regularly perform to enable them to hone their craft and we offer amazing programs such as Choir & Band Program as additions to instrument tuition.

Send us an email admin@nationalmusicacademy.com.au if you’d like some more information about any of our programs here as we’d really love to hear from you!
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