3 Aussie YouTubers who are now music sensations

We all have to start somewhere before our rise to stardom, and today’s musicians are privileged to have the world at the finger tips with the internet. YouTube is not just filled with intriguing cat videos, it also compiles a multitude of extremely talented musicians. Here are three Aussie YouTubers who are now music sensations.

Troye Sivan
South-African LGBT teen, Troye Sivan, made his career in the Australian town of Perth. He began by uploading covers of a young Troye from events or covers that he filmed in his room. Through the midst of creating humorous and audience pleasing skits, Troye continued to grace screen watchers with his vocal gift by covering pop songs. In 2014, Sivan released his EP “TRXYE”, opening with smash hit “Happy Little Pill”. “TRXYE” landed the number one spot on charts across 55 countries. Following the success of his first EP, Sivan released a second in 2015 titled “WILD”, which comprised of six soulful tunes and three accompanying videos uploaded to YouTube. “TRXYE” was just a small taste before the release of Sivan’s debut studio album “Blue Neighbourhood”. Sivan continues to utilise YouTube to his advantage for vlogging and regular updates as he tours around the world.

5 Seconds of Summer

Western Suburbs pop-punk band, 5 Seconds of Summer, earned their claim to fame through YouTube. It all began with front man, Luke Hemmings, similarly to Sivan, sitting in his room covering todays hits. After a few months of running solo, Michael Clifford joined Hemmings to become the lead guitarist. Calum Hood and Ashton then came to complete the rhythm section of bass and guitar. The four Sydney boys covered pop and punk hits, as well as composing original music. In 2013, the boys posted their first original song “Gotta Get Out”, to which almost instantly gained millions of views. 5 Seconds of Summer then released their debut single “Unplugged” which landed number 3 on Australian music charts, and featured on charts in both New Zealand and Switzerland. The band was picked up by European boyband, One Direction, and accompanied them on their world tour on 2013. They then went on to release “She Looks So Perfect” which was a crowd favourite prior to the release and boosted their career. Currently, 5 Seconds of Summer are working towards their third album and releasing singles, as well as continuing to use YouTube to promote songs, tours and updates.

Tash Sultana

This next artist took the Triple J charts by storm, landing the third place for this year Hottest 100. A bit of a fresh face to the music industry, but no stranger to the music scene, Melbourne’s Tash Sultana. Sultana is recognised as “the one women band” as she is renowned for her incredible ability to loop, alongside her raw vocals. Sultana’s home recording of popular song “Jungle” was recorded in her bedroom and reached over 10 million views. From this success, she continued on to film regular her “Live bedroom recording” of original songs. In 2016. Sultana toured the world with her “Notion EP” after it reached the number 4 position on the Aria charts. Today, Tash Sultana success is continuing to boom. She has recently finished up touring with Groovin’ the Moo around Australia, following the release of her latest single “Murder to the Mind”. As for her use of YouTube, she continues to upload all of her tracks and videos onto the platform.


Smash-hit Aussie acts such as these prove how useful YouTube can be and promotes the success that follows. If you are an aspiring musician who hopes to take on the world like these musos did, definitely begin uploading covers and originals to YouTube. This will build you a fan base and place stepping stones on the road to success.

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Isabella Crebert is a junior journalist/administrator and writes for the National Music Academy. Issy also takes lessons at the academy in singing and guitar and performs regularly with NMA as a gig opportunities student.