6 essentials you need to take to every gig!

6 Essentials to Take to every Gig

By Isabella Crebert

It’s all about looking professional and performing to your greatest potential. But what does every performer need in order to ensure that this is achieved? Here are six things a performer should never leave their house without before a gig.

Speaker system– this one is pretty obvious, however, it is imperative that you have a sufficient speaker system. NMA recommends Yamaha, JBL speakers, as well as a Yamaha or Alan and Heath mixer.

Invoice– by having an invoice not only will you get paid, but it will also provide an incentive for more performance opportunities. Along with an invoice, you need to ensure that you have an ABN.

Tuner– If you are playing an instrument that needs to be tuned, such as a guitar; tune your guitar before you go on stage, and then retune half way through your set. There is nothing worse than when your set begins to waver just because of a few out of tune strings,

Cleaning equipment– presentation is key! Bring along a specialised cloth and a suitable liquid (do not use household cleaning products) to give your instrument a quick polish just to add the more professional effect.

Display folder and music stand– place all of your necessary sheet music in a clear display folder as a reference throughout your songs. Display the folder on a music stand so that you aren’t constantly glancing at the ground throughout your set. An alternative to this is by investing in an iPad or iPhone stand that has all of your sheet music downloaded.

A kit of necessities– make a little kit of things that you know will encourage you to give the best performance. Things such as gum, throat spray and a water bottle. These are necessities for a vocalist when performing and warming up.

Written By

Isabella Crebert is a junior journalist/administrator and writes for the National Music Academy. Issy also takes lessons at the academy in singing and guitar and performs regularly with NMA as a gig opportunities student.