Agosti Goodbye! NMA Live Lounge April 2016

National Music Academy’s final Live Lounge at Agosti on Darby Street took place just before the school holidays, Tuesday 5th April. We had a great turn out and an amazing line up of musicians that came to perform for us.
The Vocal Revolution Choir & Band Network Development Program came to perform in front of everybody and it was nothing short of incredible. We were amazed to see how much they had progressed throughout the term with Alex Riordan & Pat Truscott.

Some highlights of the night included:

Noelle Bowen got up for the first time to play her piece that Chelsea Davis has been helping her with this term, so young and so brave!
We had Alex Mangano play some of her originals and Paris Willot do a Duo with her teacher buy valtrex online cheap Alex Riordan. Zubin Rawal came back for another live lounge and belted out ‘Time after Time’ and Sione Puliuvea left the crowd with a loud applause after showcasing his amazing talent to finish off our night.

A big thank you to all the students who came to perform on the night and all the friends and family who came for support. Without you all, there would be no live lounge. We love to offer our students consistent opportunities for personal growth and to challenge their musical goals and we find that the students who get up and have a go at our Live Lounge events are the ones who grow the most. We would love to have you perform at our next Jam night!

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