Agosti Live Lounge – It’s a WRAP


Our second Live Lounge of the year at Agosti on Darby proved to be a hit!
We had lots of new and excited faces perform in front of their loved ones and previous students that out did their past performances!

NMA Live Lounge has been growing organically with new students progressing through their lessons and wanting to step up and put into practice what they have been learning over the past term.
It was a massive learning curve for all students who made the decision to step up and they all came away from their experience inspired and motivated to continue to move forward with their musical goals.

A big congratulations to all students who participated. From all of the staff and teachers here at NMA we are truly online buy zithromax proud of each and every one of you that got up to perform!

  • Grace Lovatt
  • Lucy Phillips
  • Zubin Rawal
  • Jada Lewis
  • Heath Leyshon
  • Holly Kozlik
  • Max Kozlik
  • Isabella Crebert
  • Nate Karger
  • Michael Colman
  • Sione Pulivuea
  • Jake Dobbie
  • Chloe Parker
  • Tobias Asper
  • Skye Karpathy
  • Isabella Scully
  • Emily Gardner
  • Campbell Ross
  • Stevie Hughes

A HUGE thank you to all friends and family who came along to the event, these events would run without you guys to set the mood and the atmosphere.

Our next Live Lounge Night is on the 5th April and is the last night we will have our event on at Agosti on Darby Street. From past successes with the event at Agosti we want to make this one go out with a BANG!


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