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5 YouTube Channels that look at the Behind the Scenes of Music

YouTube has huge catalogues of a large variety of different types of videos. However, music related videos are in sizable quantity on the platform. Of course there are countless music videos of you favorite hits, tutorial videos on how to play your favorite tunes, live performances from your favorite artists, and (most of all) covers of almost every song imaginable.

It’s extremely easy to stumble upon people uploading covers or originals songs on the platform, but it doesn’t stop there. When most people think of a ‘music based YouTube Channel’, they immediately think of a band, or a person doing covers. However, there is a vast range of channels on the website that think outside of the normal form, and explore the theory of music, the sound behind music, and the techniques of industry musicians. Here are 5 Non-cover based YouTube Music Channels that think outside the box and look at the ‘Behind the Scenes’ of Music.

12 Tone
12 tone
While ‘12 Tone’ might have the lowest subscriber count of the YouTubers on this list (at only 60’000) it does not at all dim the quality, knowledge or interest he presents in his videos. The host of ‘12 Tone’ delves into the music theory of your favorite classic songs (Including Stairway to Heaven, Black Hole Sun and Blackbird), but predominantly delves into a topic of music theory and the way it is used in music. His videos have got helpful information for composers of any level, from creating effective chord progression and using the pentatonic scale, to more advanced deep dives into Tuplets, intervals, modal interchange, dominant function… the list goes on through his 2 years of making regular videos. Each video is easy to digest, so musicians of every level learn something after the video finishes. What makes his video style unique is that he accompanies his narration with sped up footage of him drawing notations of songs, diagrams explaining how theory aspects work, or humorous picture of elephant faces. By the end of the video, he shows the full result of his scribbles, with all the papers he’s used layed out, summarizing the adventure of the video. For his patron supporters, he sends them copies of the video notes for them to dig deeper.

While he might be a small channel now, that won’t be the case for long.

Andrew Huang
Andrew Huang
Andrew is discussed as being one of the hardest working Music YouTubers on the platform, and by watching his varied catalogue of videos, its not hard to see why. The charismatic Andrew, how is every close to hitting the magic 1 Million subscriber count, is a producer, engineer, songwriter, product tester and occasional vlogger. While his content is vast and varied, he often challenges himself to make a beat and a song out of sounds he records, be it dog toys, cars, water, drones and even a fridge. Aside from these challenges, he has a huge catalogue of differing videos, from making music with his OP-1, Inverting music, drawing picture with MIDI tracks, giving tutorials on useful composition and recording tricks, and reviewing music apps and products. In addition to this, his bright and full on personality makes all of his videos very entertaining. This guy is a must watch for anyone who has an interest in music in any form.

Music Is Win
music win
Tyler is a graduate of the Berklee School of Music, who has forged a career with his YouTube channel ‘Music Is Win’. His channel has one of the widest ranges of content of all the guitar based YouTube channels, with a little something for guitarists of all stages and levels. Sitting at an impressive 250’000 subscribers, the videos that come out of the ‘Music Is Win’ channel all contain helpful knowledge and insight of the art of guitar. On his channel you can find videos on aspects of music theory and how to apply order zithromax online them in you playing, skits that all guitar players will find funny, tips on effective methods of practicing, give-aways and demos of high quality music equipment, Q and A’s on how he runs the channel, original jams, as well as deep dives on the techniques famous guitarist use in their playing. After watching one of his videos, you immediately want to grab your guitar and put his knowledge into practice, and work towards becoming a better musician. In addition, his soft nature makes his videos easy to digest and learn from. If you want to continue his teachings, he also runs multiple online guitar courses, which give you very helpful on more aspects of playing.

Adam Neely
Adam Neely
Looking to fill your head with even more music theory knowledge and the behind the scenes of music? We’ve got you covered with the next channel on our list, Adam Neely. Adam Neely is a Berklee trained Bassist, with a channel of the same name sitting at 250’000 subscribers. While he takes a more ‘vlog’ like approach to his informational music videos, he still has titles, graphic, diagrams and video editing techniques to accompany his narration. In terms of what he narrates about, there is a wide range of topics, making his videos appeal to musicians of all genres and all instruments. Such topics include tritons (the devil in the music), the change of frequency we tune an “A” note to over centuries of music and the theory behind “vapourwave music”. On top of this, he deep dives into music questions, including what makes music sound ‘christmas-y’, what the fasted note can be, and what is the saddest key. On the topic of questions, his also does frequent Q&As, answering the questions posed in the comment sections of his videos. In addition, he also gives helpful tips in playing bass, as well as documenting his various gigs and tuning them into vlogs of his preparations and performances.

Anderton’s Music Co
Anderton’s Music Co
The last channel our list, but certainly not the least. This channel of 300’000 subscribers is certainly for the guitar gear geeks out there, and even if you aren’t, watching a couple of their videos will fix that. This YouTube channel is owned by Anderton’s Music Company, a family-owned music store in the UK that had been selling guitars, pedals, amps, drums, keyboards and recording equipment since 1964.

Their channel posts a wide range of regular for all of your guitaring needs, with videos driven by likable personalities and skilled musicians. You get a lot of deep dives into various expensive guitars and equipment from experience musician guests and employees. They also post entertaining challenge videos between Rob Chapman (Chappers) and the store manager Lee Anderton (The Captain), in which they compare Fenders to Gibsons, Expensive Guitars to Cheap Guitars, 70s pedals to 00s pedals, and so many more. For you bass lovers, they also have a series on bass guitars and Bass equipment. However, their most popular series are their “Sound like … without busting the bank” and “Sound like … by busting the bank” videos, in which Matt and Rabea try to create a rig to sound like your favorite rock stars (Including Slash, David Gilmour, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Angus Young, Brian May etc…) for either the cheapest price or the most expensive. What makes them very intuitive is the fact that they go over why they select certain pedals, how to creatively use pedals, and constructing your own pedal board.

If you are a fan of the ‘Behind The Scenes’ of music, these channels are certainly worth checking out! If you still have any questions about music, gear, theory and recording, call us at 4929 3060, or email us at! Make sure you like our Facebook page at and subscribe to our own YouTube Channel at to keep up to date with everything NMA and learn a thing or two along the way

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