Prepare your preschooler to get the most out of music with our preschool music programs, Mini Musicians 1 and 2. Designed by experts in early childhood music education, the program is designed to take children through two years of foundational music education prior to commencing one on one instrumental tuition between the ages of 5 and 7. This sets them up for the best chance of success in their chosen instruments and also aids in childrens' intellectual and social development through a crucial developmental period.

How it works

Mini Musicians 1

This 40-week program is designed to be a positive, creative and exploratory introduction to music for three- to five-year-olds in a small group setting. The program explores pitch, rhythm, instrumental technique, music theory, listening skills, introduction to music reading and improvisation.

Mini Musicians 2

Following on from Mini Musicians 1, this second-year course is another 40-week program to prepare four- to -six-year-olds for more traditional one on one lessons. Still incorporating pitch, rhythm, music theory and reading, this course also starts to include piano playing to get students ready for the more traditional one on one music lesson format. 

One on One Tuition

Once students have completed two years of Mini Musicians, they will have a wealth of experience and skills that prime them for our one on one tuition. While the programs are piano-based, students will also learn singing, percussion, and develop physical and musical skills that will apply to most instruments.

What Your Child Will Learn

Mini Musicians 1 and 2 are small group music classes that involve a range of activities including games, songs, improvisation, and other fun activities that get children involved in music. The class is a one-hour session run in small groups of between four and five children per class.

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