Dane Baldwin – Maitland PCYC Drumming Workshop

One of our drum teachers here at National Music Academy, Dane Baldwin, is running a drumming workshop for kids at the Maitland PCYC.

Dane has been playing drums professionally for 32 years and he has performed in an endless amount of gigs and tours. He has just gotten back from touring in New Zealand and has also spent a lot of time touring overseas. He spends a lot of time over in the United States in Nashville, performing with Morgan Evans, who is a Nashville based Australian country superstar, and also Kelsey Ballerina. He’s very involved with the country scene and he’s also performed with Taylor Swift.

Dane is an interesting guy and a very talented drummer. He plans to help get the kids ready for gigs and to pass on his knowledge of how to perform with people on stage. He also plans on showing them how to rehearse to ensure a hassle free performance. Dane has a lot of exciting and helpful drum tips and exercises for the kids to help them improve their drumming skills. Dane is looking forward to running the workshop and he hopes to see you there.

Here is a video of Dane playing on stage with Morgan Evans at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.


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