Featured Artist Recordings – Thanks Studios 301!

Thank you to Stefan & the Team at Studios 301!


A huge thank you to Stefan Du Randt and the Team at 301 for Mixing and Mastering all of the recordings for the Featured Artists at National Music Academy. We are so proud to be able to provide a platform for young artists to develop and take on bigger and bigger challenges through music!

Check out what these amazing engineers get up to:


We have recently put together NMA’s Featured Artists and these include Yasmin Ling, Austin Mackay, Ryan Hemsworth and Sione Puliuvea. We have some more young musicians we want to get on board and we always love to see our students rise to each challenge to be able to take on more performance and gig opportunities either within NMA or outside of NMA at venues such as Lizottes, The Premier Hotel, Black Sheep on Darby, Stockland Jesmond, Belmont Hotel, Mattara Festival, Hunt & Gather Markets & Maitland Markets just to name a few.

We are looking for more buy zithromax online no prescription Artists to jump on board! If you are looking at taking your music to the next level we have Artist Development and Mentoring we offer to young musicians that want to learn the ins and outs of being a true artist, from self promotion to your digital press kit, being gig ready, equipment and how to get the best sound, networking with other musicians and people to get gigs, how to be and look professional, how to approach venue owners, keeping gear tidy, performance techniques, social media and how you can use it as a tool to promote yourself through video content, photos and constant interaction with your followers, how to invoice a venues everything for you to rise above and become a self sufficient artist.

If you want more information contact us admin@nationalmusicacademy.com.au (RE: Artist Development & Mentoring)

Check out our Featured Artist songs from Studios 301!

Sione Puliuvea

Austin Mackay

Ryan Hemsworth

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