Grace Lovatt – A young recording artist!

Grace Lovatt: a young recording artist!

At the National Music Academy, we give our students and the tools and skills necessary for them to venture into the world and create the music they want to create.

One of our immensely talented students is Grace Lovatt, a high school student who has been part of our tailored tuitions, Workshops, Band Programs, Artist Mentoring Programs and our recently opened Songwriting Class.

Grace had the opportunity to go down to Studio 301 in Sydney, the longest running and largest professional recording studio in the southern hemisphere. This puts Grace with artists such as Flume, The Jezabels, Matt Corby, 360, Megan Washington and Angus & Julia Stone, who have also recorded in the famous Sydney Studio.

Her Latest track is “The Cry”, a beautiful and harrowing song of the plight of a refugee.

I got the opportunity to interview about her experience at Studio 301, and how her time at the National Music Academy.

What was it like working in a professional studio as a young artist?

It was so fun. Like, it was it, it took so long but i made a really good connection and friendship with Jay (Her producer) so it was really fun.

What did the staff at studios 301 help you with on the day?

More just the sound checking types of things, so and opinions on the song and how they think it should be, and if I liked it, they’d be like ‘OK’ but if they didn’t then they wouldn’t push it. So they wouldn’t push opinions 

.Leading up to the recording, what sort of subjects did you work on with your songwriting and vocal teachers here at NMA?

With Kate (Her singing teacher at NMA) I just, we did some original music, and it was more, was like the complete opposite of what the song I recorded was. Like the song that I recorded was about refugees and their situation, but with Kate i wrote more about love and stuff like that so.

What was most exciting for you about working at 301?

The actual recording, like getting into the booth and singing into the mic.

How do you feel being an NMA Student has helped you get to this point in your career?

The vocal teachers I’ve had have helped me with my confidence, and if I didn’t come here I would get such amazing opportunities by them, because before I came [to NMA] I was just some girl with a talent that didn’t know how to use it, and I had no confidence. So they helped me build up my confidence.

What is your next goal for your original music?

To get it on iTunes and to get people to buy it pretty much. 

What would you say to anyone considering coming to NMA to prepare for studio recording?

Do it, because they give so many opportunities and it’s so great and if I didn’t I wouldn’t have this opportunity.

You can find her Facebook page at and her Instagram at @gracerecord. Make sure to follow them to keep up to date on her Musical Journey, and make sure to like our Facebook Page at get more info about our amazing students!


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