Hustling as a musician to get gigs!

Getting gigs is the major aspect of your life as a musician. But they won’t just magically appear.
Here’s how to hustle as a musician to get gigs.

Be determined– the first step to getting gigs is showing that you are determined to accomplish your goal of getting the gig.
You must be able to commit to the gig if you have personally booked the performance.

Search for gigs- keep an eye out on social media for posts about possible opportunities within your area.
Get a list of venues and send them your EPK via email. Do you hear musicians say.. There’s never any gigs around! Well there is you just haven’t looked hard enough!

There are venues everywhere in your local area. Pubs, Coffee Shops, Charity Events. The more active you are trying to contact these people the more successful you will be in obtaining a gig.

Build Relationships with People – A big part of building your network in the music industry and the music community is to build relationships. The more people you know the better your chances of getting gigs. Be a likeable person! Be friendly, show people you are interested in them and people will in turn be interested in you and what you have to offer. This is super important not only as a musician but in life as a person. REMEMBER THIS! 

Make an EPK- create an electronic press kit of all your social media links and experience in the industry. This is your chance to flaunt what you have got, to show off your artistry. Your EPK is your identity and it will be a huge asset for you to have if you have all of the elements in there.
See our other blog post for more details.

Hand out business cards- When you are out gigging hand out some business cards, thank people for watching your performance and network. Even when your out in your normal day to day having business cards on hand is a great way to show people you are serious and what you do means something to you. It shows professionalism and shows ambition. It’s important for people to be able to contact you for any opportunities that may arise. 

Make regular social media posts- if you post regularly on social media; covers, updates; you will be more inclined to get gigs.
The first thing an employer of a gig will look for is your social media and browse for covers. Make sure that your accounts are frequently updated!

Email venues that host regular gigs- source places that do regular gigs in your area.
Email them, professionally, and say that you are interested in performing if they have any availabilities.

A determined musician will always get gigs and give a substantial performance.
With these tips, you’ll have plenty of gigs to do.

Happy hustling!

Written By

Isabella Crebert is a junior journalist/administrator and writes for the National Music Academy. Issy also takes lessons at the academy in singing and guitar and performs regularly with NMA as a gig opportunities student.