Busking at Stockland Jesmond by Isabella Crebert


The NMA performers have had the pleasure of regularly busking at Stockland Jesmond. Almost every Sunday, students would travel to Stockland Jesmond to “sing for their supper” for two hours at the most.

These gigs have really developed the student’s maturity and independence. As they have had to set up their equipment and learn the dynamics of how what pleases their audience. Things such as “what songs do they like?”, “how loud do I need my equipment?” and “how should I present myself and NMA?”. All students have been successful in completing these tasks and becoming absolute standout performers.

As many of the students would agree, busking is one of the most difficult tasks to do as a musician. It is not the performing itself, but the fact that you are so unaware of whether the audience are actually enjoying you music. The only way to tell is if there is money being placed in you case. The people of Jesmond are extremely generous! All of our students have received great amounts of money, to which they are extremely thankful and deserving of. The feedback that is delivered is existential; with members of the public order zithromax canada stating that “NMA students exude confidence and presence”. Several of our students have been invited to perform at many events through by passers of Stockland Jesmond.

When receiving such wonderful feedback, it really isnate our students are about music.

I have been performing at Jesmond since August and I can safely say that there has not been a busking moment that I have not enjoyed. The audience that fill the tables are overwhelmingly supportive, often asking for photos, videos and of course placing money in our cases. I have watched as many of my fellow performers busk, it is amazing to see the development and structure that has evolved into each of their sets.

Thank you to the wonderful performers, who have graced the stage every time. To the supportive parents, for transporting their talented children. To Simon and the NMA team, for allowing the students to have such wonderful opportunity to shine. To Dana Irving of Stockland Jesmond, it truly is an amazing experience to perform for the people of Jesmond at your complex.

The current and future performers of NMA look forward to the next year of busking.

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