Why Joining a Choir Program in Newcastle is Worth It

Singing by itself is already truly awesome! Every singer knows the fulfilment of being able to sing beautiful music. However, to be able to sing with a group – that’s another magical feeling. The wonders of hearing so many voices yet it’s just one beautiful sound – such a wonderful harmony!

As a singer, regardless what level you are (beginner, intermediate or advanced), you may have wondered at some point on how is it to be a part of a choir (if you haven’t tried being in one yet). It’s always a joy to watch and hear a choir perform. And probably it’s even more amazing if you are part of it.

But how does one really join a choir? Curiosity? Check! Interest in being part of it? Check! However, if you’re really shy, it could be potentially awkward for you to just approach a group – especially if you don’t know anyone.

Actually, there’s a solution for the shy ones and for those who do not know any choir groups at all. How about joining a choir program? Yes, there’s a group devoted to developing a choir. And better yet, a reputable academy offers this program. They are a known music school leader that understands the desire of singers to come together and perform together as a group.

National Music Academy (NMA) Newcastle offers these programs for students who are aspiring to be a part of a choir. As you see, joining a choir can also be as easy as 1-2-3. You can easily join a school’s choir program!

Aside from that, what are the benefits of joining a choir program really?

Not your ordinary choir experience – NMA Newcastle’s choir program is a program like no other. When you think of a choir, most probably you’ll just think about singing right? Well, NMA Newcastle’s choir is all about singing too, but there’s more to that. NMA incorporates beatboxing, brass and body percussion to the performance. It’s really like a choir on steroids!

It’s a choir, but not your ordinary choir. It’s a different kind of experience where many aspects are added to level up your group performance. It’s a one of a kind experience that you may have missed exploring if you have not joined NMA Newcastle’s choir program.

If you have previously thought that choir is just about singing, this is your chance to expose yourself to a different choir experience!

Discover the power of your voice – Prior to your choir interest, you are probably already aware of your singing skills. An exciting thing about singing is discovering your other hidden capabilities. Joining a choir program is also a great opportunity to discover what your voice can do.

While you perform as a group, NMA Newcastle still aims to help you also in developing your voice as an individual. They understand that each member of the choir should know their own singing skills. They understand how each member’s contribution to the choir is important. That’s why each individual member is guided to discover the potential of their voices.

Being in a choir enables you to discover what you can do with your voice and how much MORE you can do! It’s time to unleash that inner talent of yours! Go surprise yourself!

Harmony – A choir performance is appreciated on how the group as a whole performs. And to crete a powerful group performance, each member should know how to be in sync with each other. The performance success of a choir depends on how the group can work well together.

NMA Newcastle focuses on every member, but they focus on the synergy of the group as well. NMA Newcastle teaches the group to harmonise and blend with each other perfectly. Each individual in the group is taught how to complement each other to make their performance stellar. NMA recognises the talent of each member but they also make sure that the choir members can do beautiful music together.

Performance Flexibility – As a singer you may be probably accustomed to singing certain types of genres only. It’s not really a bad thing as NMA respects one’s individuality and music preferences.

However, for a complete musical experience, NMA Newcastle exposes the students to different music genres and styles also. Hip-hop, soul, pop, and much more! And performed also in a choir or acapella setting!

There’s also nothing wrong in immersing yourself with the other types of genres and styles. This will make your knowledge and experience broader, and learning something new is always good!

Also, exposure to different genres and styles play a part in a choir’s flexibility. Flexibility within a choir is a good thing because it makes your group performance more interesting and refreshing.

Learning Choir buy cheap valtrex australia Etiquette – Of course, it’s just not about singing and performance. NMA Newcastle is also about being a choir who performs and observes the right choir etiquette too. NMA Newcastle teaches the members to respect each other and practice proper choir etiquette at ALL times.

A group that’s built on respect, trust and courtesy are more likely to perform better. We can never emphasise too much on this aspect. It’s important to make everyone in the choir feel safe and comfortable within the group.

Performance Technique – Singing is one thing, but performing is another matter altogether. This is a singer’s common dilemma. You can be comfortable singing alone but can you handle performing in front of a crowd? Are you confident in delivering?

When you see public performances, sometimes it’s no accident how the performer effortlessly delivers their song and how they easily engage with the audience.  For some it’s natural, but for others it can be too much of an effort. However, all is not lost because there is such a thing called performance technique.

NMA knows that a choir is meant to perform with an audience, that’s why we make performance technique a part of the program. If you feel awkward performing, NMA mentors their students on how to develop and deliver their piece.

And when you will learn the several performance techniques, this can increase your confidence too!

Familiarising yourself with the music industry – One of the perks of being an NMA Newcastle student is having the chance to avail Industry Masterclasses. NMA holds these extraordinary sessions to supplement the students’ usual lessons.

An expert or an authority on the music industry is invited during the masterclass to perform, give tips, answer questions related to the music industry. As a student member of the choir program, you may be interested in practical and music industry tips.

This is a great way to have a preview in the real music world. The industry masterclass is an excellent add-on to your choir program.

Meeting people – Do you sometimes feel ill at ease in discussing your music interest with other people? While we love our non-musical friends, not everyone has the same passion for it, Being part of a choir program is a great way to meet new people too.

It is a group endeavour so you would be naturally mixing with people who have the same passion as yours – music!  It’s really wonderful to discuss your passion with people who understands it. A choir program is a great venue to exchange your thoughts with people who are musically inclined too. And as a bonus, if you’re quite shy – being part of the choir could improve your socialisation skills!

Gig Opportunities – Probably one of your secret (or not so secret) dream is to be able  to perform in front of a real, live audience. You don’t have to be shy about it. Performing live is indeed exciting! And it’s a good opportunity for one to have during their musical journey.  At NMA Newcastle, that dream doesn’t have to remain as a dream. They can actually make it come true.

NMA offers this unique opportunity for their students – the chance to perform in real gigs! NMA is affiliated with Newcastle’s biggest professional music venues which allow students to perform in a variety of great locations. These venues are a great way for their students to show what they have learned in the program and as an introduction to performing in the real world!

No one left behind – And if you have your younger members in the family wanting to be part of a choir, don’t worry! They don’t have to feel left out. The choir program of NMA accepts students as young as 12 years old. So if your youngsters want to start early, they actually can do that with NMA. The advantage of joining a choir at a younger age is getting to be exposed to the joys of choir singing at an early age, and setting up a talent for later life! It’s a good socialisation venue for kids too.

So after discussing all of that, it’s easy to say that joining a choir program is really, really, worth it. It’s a good program for everyone who wants to be a part of a choir, even if you are still young! NMA Newcastle aims to give each student (regardless of age, skill level, music preference, etc) the best choir experience they have ever had. So don’t you think it’s about time to join the choir program now? Come on! Let’s go! You deserve to experience this one of a kind choir program!

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