A little bit about yourself?

I grew up on the Central Coast and moved to Newcastle in 2011. I started playing drums when I was 11 because my mum decided to start learning in group lessons. So I went along, had a go, fell in love with drumming and haven’t stopped since. I started getting private lessons when I was 13 from an amazing teacher Bob Loundar, who taught me everything about drum notation theory, technique and playing. He was inspirational and sadly isn’t with us anymore. After high school I studied at the JMC Academy in Sydney where I received a Bachelor of Entertainment (Popular Music and Performance). Since then I have played in many bands and groups, including Paul Greene, The Rabbitoh’s Drum Squad, Sambafrog plus many more.

When and why did you start doing what your doing? (mention what they do its in the description next to their name)

I started teaching Drum Kit in 2008 for 3 years and stopped to focus on study. I started up again ordering valtrex last year and am so glad I did. I’ve always loved teaching people no matter what the subject is and to be able to teach my passion of drumming is a dream job.

Most unforgettable moment in music?

Going to the ARIAs in 2012. I toured with Paul Greene from 2010 and recorded drums on two of his albums. One of these albums in 2012 was nominated for an ARIA for best Blues and Roots album.

Your number one favourite artist?

John Mayer. Amazing song writer, singer and musician and always has the best band and drummers.

Who would you like to meet if you got the chance to meet anybody?

John Mayer, of course.

What do you get out of working as a teacher at the Academy?

Seeing the students grow and learn in such an amazing environment, with so many opportunities at their fingertips. Not only do the students make it a great place to work but the staff and others teachers are all so amazing and inspirational.

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