“Music can change the world because it can change people…” Bono

01-pianoI align so strongly with this quote, and I’ve used it so much in the last few months especially with my students. Music is such a big part of our environment and culture, why shouldn’t it have the ability to change the world? So much can be done through music alone, I firmly believe in its power to effect positivity to anyone who lets it.

When people ask me what I do for a living and I reply: “I teach Piano at the National Music Academy”, the first response is usually something along the lines of “I used to play the Piano such a long time ago, I wish I’d kept it up.” It’s never too late to pick up an instrument, especially one you’ve already had some experience playing.

Learning Piano at NMA is so unique in how we approach each lesson. Since each lesson is tailor-made for our students, each experience is different. Our teachers have trained for the majority of their lives, have mastered their respective instruments and are prepared to teach all aspects of music. Piano in itself is such a fun instrument to learn (that goes for all instruments, however I am slightly biased), and is one of the most buy zithromax in canada rewarding things you can do. That feeling you get when you master a particular song you’ve been working so hard on is indescribable. As a teacher, it’s so wonderful to see the joy in a student’s’ face when they’re able to play a song full through and it sound how it’s supposed to!

Piano at National Music Academy is such a fun and exciting experience, and I’m not just saying that. Had I had the opportunities that NMA provides for its students when I was learning, I would have become an entirely different musician. NMA upholds a culture driven by immense passion which is evident in the quality of the lesson we provide. Gone are the days when learning Piano was purely just scales and passing ‘grades’ in order to succeed. Piano at NMA is so much more than that! While we do offer students the opportunity to complete Grades, this is not compulsory and our lessons are tailor made to suit you and your interests. Our teachers passion for Piano is infectious and our main goal is to provide quality tuition and inspire you towards achieving your musical dream.

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