NMA Selfie Competition

Hey Everyone!

We are coming to the end of Term 2! And what better time to hold a competition at NMA!

What competition you may ask?

We’re so inspired every week by all of our students creativity that we want to put you to a test! We want to see who has the best selfie taking skills! The competition is the “NMA Selfie Competition.”

We know you are all ridiculously good looking but we want to see your most outrageous selfie! We want you to have fun with this and be a little silly!

P.S. Your teachers are in on it and want to have fun and be silly with you!


  1. Take a Selfie in your lesson with your Teacher or while you are at NMA.
    – If you find yourself looking at the photo thinking “I look really good” you won’t win!
    – We know you are all photogenic but please we seek creativity and we want you to look as un-photogenic as possible.
  2. Upload your beautiful selfie to a Social Media Platform this could be either Facebook or Instagram and tag NMA!
  3. Explain in 15 Words or less why you love NMA!

That is it!


We will choose the most unique and creative selfie and the winner will receive a Terms worth of lessons for FREE!
This will start next week so you have from Monday the 27th June – Friday 1st July to get your selfie up!

We will choose a Winner at the end of Term and you will be notified by Phone and then the Winner will be posted up on our Social Media Channels.

As a final note, if you are under 16 please get your parents permission to post to social media. Parents accounts are more than welcome to tag the National Music Academy on behalf of students also!

We look forward to seeing your entries! Happy Selfies!


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