Similarities between guitar and ukulele


Similarities between Guitar & Ukulele!

Want to play guitar?

Struggling with getting your hands around that big neck and all those pesky strings?

“Why not try a Uke!”

The ukulele is a great alternative to the guitar for kids who have small hands and may not be ready to delve into the overwhelming-ness of the guitar and its offerings. It is also a favourite for adults wanting to learn an instrument and life skill to have up their sleeve next time they’re sitting on a beach in Hawaii. The 2 instruments althought visually very similar have some key differences that may sway you to choose to learn one over the other, that is, if you’re not brave enough to learn both!

The Uke is basically a guitar with a capo at the 5th fret meaning the guitar and uke are practically tuned identically! So, if a capoed guitar and uke can are so similar, why even bother ukulele? Why not just play guitar capo 5?

A great deal of the ukulele’s charm stems from two factors that guitar cannot reproduce: it’s sweet, hollow harp-like tone, and its reentrant high G. These two elements make it an entirely buy valtrex 1000 mg unique instrument. The downfall of this Uke tuning vs a guitar is that none of your songs are going to sound EXACTLY like the original despite playing the same notes or chords and this is often a deterrent for the perfectionists among us.

That being said, if you are wanting to play a song that has a Uke in it and think that playing a guitar with a capo on the 5th fret will suffice, be prepared to be disappointed! It just doesn’t have the same timbre or character that the tiny body of the Uke provides.

The two instruments are also able to be plugged into (if they have a pickup) an amplifier or PA system for live use making them an ideal accompaniment instruments and there are many instances where singers can be seen playing a guitar and a uke in their shows, tailoring them to the characteristic of the song.

Which ever way you decide to go, both the guitar and uke are invaluable instruments to an artist and both extremely fun and rewarding to get a grasp on!


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