Student Stories featuring Riley Walpole


I’ve been a student at National Music Academy for three years and I have loved every minute of it. From the first time I came in, it was clear to me that the atmosphere was so different to what it usually is going into other places that are similar. It’s so much more welcoming and friendly than what I would have ever expected. All of the teachers are lovely and the people who work in admin are awesome. They are always really friendly and ask questions about my day.

Throughout my three years of singing lessons, I have learnt so much. I came in not really knowing what I was doing and having lessons here at NMA has given me so much confidence towards singing, and just simply knowing what I’m doing. The teachers here have taught me all the different techniques and tips on how to improve my voice and how to sing different styles of music. I have also learnt a lot of important tips on how to perform for an audience and put on an enjoyable show.

Not only have I learnt a lot, I also have been given so many amazing opportunities buy generic adderall online while being here. Singing at live lounge nights, busking at markets, doing paid gigs, even recording my own tracks and developing a set list! Not to mention the different workshops that are run during the holidays to improve my skills even more. NMA also have choirs that I can be a part of and an awesome band program, where I can improve my skills of performing in a group, and I can hang out with an awesome bunch of people and create great music.

I always love coming into NMA for my lesson every week. I learn so much and I have a ball with my teacher. The environment here is just so unique and welcoming and there is a real sense of community. I have learnt so much from being here and am excited to keep improving my skills further. My involvement with music has tripled from being here because of all the amazing opportunities and I’m keen to see what the future holds! I recommend NMA to anyone who is looking to have lessons because everyone is just so lovely, you’ll learn a heap, and the opportunities are one of a kind!

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