Sunset Gather Markets By Isabella Crebert

The Sunset Gather markets had everything you could possibly hope that a market would possess; character, ambience, atmosphere, great food, aesthetically pleasing market stalls and most of all, fantastic entertainers.

We were very privileged to not only have the sun shining, but to also have our own stall; where members of the public were able to ask our administration team any grossing questions that they may have about NMA or music in general.

Our talented NMA students had the opportunity to perform at the Sunset Gather Markets. Fans, regular faces and parents filled the grass as our performers serenaded them. The feedback that we received was incredible.

Many passers-by proclaimed about “how mature” and “gifted” the musicians are. The musicians most definitely are mature and gifted; each respected and encouraged the other performers at the markets. It is not a simple task to try to make money when only busking, we commend our students who put themselves out there and perform buy zithromax india without pay.

Whilst we displayed just how talented the NMA students are; our junior administration team were busy promoting who are. Fliers were distributed across the park, displaying the “Song writing competition” and our latest Christmas deal. It was awesome to have members of our team out in public persuading others on why they should choose NMA. Our juniors were very understanding, friendly and charismatic to all.

A massive thank you to the organizers of the sunset Gather markets for allowing the NMA name to flourish and reach many people. To our performers, who have been so incredibly dedicated and passionate about this past year; especially when busking. Of course, to our wonderful team that goes above and beyond for NMA.

We highly recommend that you come along to the next Sunset Markets or Hunt & Gather Markets!



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