When Should I Buy An Expensive Guitar


One question that gets asked quite often through the academy is ‘what guitar do I get first?’.

Through trial and error we’ve found that musical preference plays an integral role in this choice. There is electric or nylon stringed guitars. Nylon is mainly used for classical music where electric guitar is often used for rock and pop styles. Nylon strings tend to be easier on the fingers for a beginner. Two great first choice guitars are the nylon stringed Yamaha C40 or the Fender Squire electric guitar starter pack.

Buying expensive from the outset is not recommended as the student grows as they progress. One instance we’ve come across is ukelele students who buy an expensive brands from the outset then decide they want to move on to guitar later down the track!
When to move on to buying your first expensive guitar?

The answer here comes down to the dedication you have for the instrument. If you feel you’ve progressed past the guitar you currently have, and feel like you will continue playing guitar long term and still enjoy it, then you are ready to own your first top range guitar. Cause you’ve earned it!

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