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National Music Academy offers holistic artist development programs providing training & mentoring to foster musicians of all ages.

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Gigs & Performance Opportunies

Music is made to be shared. We believe that part of becoming a good musician is not just being able to play at home or in your lesson, but being able to share your passion with others through performance. Learning how to deal with nerves, engage with an audience and develop stage presence are all key parts of our musical education, that can’t be practiced in a one on one lesson.

However, spending a whole year working towards one exam or recital can actually make nerves worse, and doesn’t prepare students to be musicians performing multiple times a week. We have different performance opportunities for students of different levels. We have 2 Live Lounges a term that are open to students of any level or instrument, and allows students a chance to get up and perform in front of a friendly, welcoming crowd. As students develop their confidence, we have regular opportunities for students to busk around Newcastle and Maitland, as well as in Sydney and surrounds. We also have an annual showcase, that allows students the chance to perform with a professional house band and gives our more advanced students a taste of working to an industry professional standard. Finally, we have paid gig opportunities for students who are ready to get a foot in the door as gigging musicians, which gives them valuable experience as well as a chance to earn income from their music. We’ve had students perform with artists such as Casey Donovan and Glen Shorrock (Little River Band) because they’ve been performing at professional venues and this has opened doors for them to play more gigs.


Check out our facebook events or Eventbrite below to see what gigs we have coming up!

Upcoming Events

Showcase: Reimagined

Thursday, 3rd October 2019

6pm - 9pm | Lizotte's Newcastle

61 2 4956 2066

Thursday, 28th November 2019

6pm - 9pm | The Pourhouse

02 4933 4473

Maitland Live Lounge
Christmas Live Lounge

Thursday, 12th December 2019

6pm - 9pm | Wests City

02 4926 6200

Past Gigs & Performances

Sione Puliuvea

Sione Puliuvea Performance

Austin Mackay

Austin Mackay Performance

Holly Kozlik

Holly Kozlik Performance

Annual Showcase 2019

A Live Stream of our 2019 Annual Showcase at Lizottes

Live Lounge July 2019

Some of the amazing students who perform at our Live Lounges

Annual Showcase 2016

Some highlights from our 2016 Annual Showcase at Lizottes