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To ensure we can maintain the same standard of service for all of our students and parents, the following policies apply.

Please note you must read and agree to these policies before you can enrol in/attend lessons at National Music Academy. If there are any policies you don't understand please email us and we'd be more than happy to discuss them with you.


All new students must also read these terms and conditions before selecting the acceptance of terms button on the enrolment/enquiry form. National Music Academy accepts no liability for any loss or damages caused due to a failure to read these policies prior to accepting them. If you don't understand anything please contact our management team before accepting.

Each term you will be required to re-accept these policies in order to re-enrol in lessons for the following term.


All contact from National Music Academy will be done via email. The email address you use to sign up will be the one that receives lesson notes as well as any important communication from National Music Academy regarding events, updates or changes. It is your responsibility to check your email regularly, including junk or spam folders, as National Music Academy accepts no liability for any loss or damages as a result of emails not being checked or going to junk or spam folders.

For urgent communication we may call your or text you on the mobile number provided. Lesson reminders are also automatically sent out by SMS, so it is your responsibility to ensure your mobile number is updated if it changes. 

Regular updates and announcements will be posted on our Facebook Page and in our Student/parent Facebook group, so we recommend also joining and regularly checking these channels for information.


To help us manage our administrative work while some team members continue to work remotely, we would would also like to request that you communicate with our administration team via email, and only call our office mobile if your question is urgent. This is so we can continue to provide great service to everyone and prioritise any questions or enquiries as they come in. We usually get back to emails within the same day. If you call or email outside of our office hours, we will get back to you the next working day, however out of respect for our team we would appreciate it if you do not call mobile numbers outside of office hours.

Lesson Delivery:

Lessons at National Music Academy are delivered both face-to-face or online via video conferencing. For online lessons, students are expected to have a device with a camera and microphone that can connect to the internet (phone, laptop or tablet) as well as an instrument/drumsticks to practice with at home for online lessons.

Mini Musicians and Band Network Development Program will be offered following the COVID19 shutdown. Please get in touch to join these programs.

Code Of Conduct:

It is expected that students/parents show respect to teachers/staff by:

  •  Dressing appropriately for their online lessons (the same way they would for an in person lesson) and for in person lessons. 

  •  Attending lessons on time

  •  Doing their best to practice any work assigned to them by their teacher during the week, and being prepared for each lesson by having their music, books etc ready.

  • Using appropriate language

  •  Respecting Teachers/Staff's privacy by not requesting personal contact information, facebook friend requests etc.

It is expected that teachers/staff will show respect to students and parents by:

  • Dressing appropriately for online lessons (the same way they would for an in person lesson)

  • Hosting online lessons in an appropriate part of their house if teaching from home (e.g. a studio or study, not a bedroom)

  • Teaching each lesson on time for the full duration of the lesson

  • Sending lesson notes the day of the lesson including any resources required by the student for that week's practice. 

  • Using appropriate language


Students/parents who breach this code of conduct will be contacted by National Music Academy Management. National Music Academy reserves the right to cancel all upcoming lessons for that student and withdraw the student immediately from lessons if students or parents repeatedly breach this code of conduct after contact from management.

If you experience any National Music Academy Staff Member not complying to this code of conduct, please email or call Gianni or Loretta as soon as possible. National Music Academy prides itself of a high standard of teaching and conduct from all our staff and do our best to immediately follow up/take action on any concerns or complaints raised. 

Video/Media Consent:

Lessons may be recorded for the purposes of sending students a recap of their lesson to help them practice at home. Videos recorded by teachers from online lessons will be stored only on National Music Academy's secure cloud storage for one term then deleted. Videos will only be shared with the student or parent in question, and National Music Academy management.

Any photos or videos from previous NMA Events, or those shared by parents and students on social media, may be posted on our Facebook, Instagram or Youtube accounts.

You may opt out of either of these if you do not wish for you/your child to be videoed in lessons or for their images or videos to be shared on social media. Please email if you do not wish to have your/your child's lessons recorded or photos/videos of them shared on social media.  


Ongoing Lessons will continue to be billed at a rate of $42 multiplied by the number of weeks in the term. Lessons will operate on every school day, as determined by the NSW State Government and listed on

Lessons will not take place on public holidays; if your regular weekly lesson time falls on a public holiday during the term you will not be billed for this lesson.

Lessons will take place even on staff development days or school holidays, please check your invoice and the NSW Government Website for term dates. National Music Academy accepts no liability or loss if you fail to attend your lesson due to your child’s school having different term dates to those listed here.  

Our annual registration fee of $40 will be charged for all new students enrolling.

Casual lessons are $50 per half hour lesson.


All payments must be paid online in full prior to the first lesson of term. This can be done via Stripe using the pay online link on your invoice (2% surcharge applies) or via direct deposit. 

Alternatively, you may pay for your lessons as four fortnightly payments, A link to set this up via Ezidebit is included on your invoice email. 

Invoices are due on the first day of term (for mid-term enrolments, they are due on the day of your first lesson). 

Any accounts not paid in full or set up Ezidebit 14 days after the due date will have lessons placed on hold until payment is received. 

A late payment fee of $30 will be charged 21 days after the invoice due date. This fee will not be waived if you pay your account after it is applied.

Creative Kids Vouchers:

If you wish to use a Creative Kids voucher it must be submitted prior to the first lesson of term by emailing the voucher number, student's full name and date of birth to

Creative Kids Vouchers serve as a  partial payment towards your account; as we do not accept partial payments Creative Kids Vouchers and the remaining term payments must be submitted simultaneously. That is, you cannot submit a Creative Kids Voucher and then wait three weeks before paying the remaining term fees, nor can you pay the term fees less $100, then wait several weeks before submitting the Creative Kids Voucher. Late fees and lessons on hold will be applied to accounts that do this, as outlined in Payment. 

Creative Kids Vouchers can only be used for the child named on the voucher, who must be a current NMA student, and are strictly non refundable. This is a Government requirement and no exceptions can be made.

Cancellations & Make Up Lessons:

Students who are unable to attend a face to face lesson at their regular time each week will always have the option to attend their lesson online instead using their teacher's virtual classroom link. 

, National Music Academy will offer a video lesson to any student who is unable to attend their regular weekly lesson time online or in person, regardless of the amount of notice given of the cancellation. 

When you book an ongoing lesson time, your teacher sets aside this time in their week for you. Because music teachers rely on the same students each week, we can't simply fill in gaps in our calendars with one off or 'walk in' students if you are unable to make your regular lesson time. This means that if you cannot attend your regular lesson time for that week, your teacher will still use your lesson time to teach you, by creating a custom video lesson for you that you can look over in your own time for that week.

We also have many students every term who forfeit entire lessons by not providing enough notice of a cancellation. due to illness. Even for students who do give notice of cancellations, fewer than half all owed make up lessons are ever booked in, and so the majority of these are also forfeit. By introducing video lessons every week, students receive content for every single lesson they pay for, and are able to make better progress because of this ongoing weekly contact from their teacher.

As a courtesy, if you know you will be unable to attend your lesson, please let your teacher know by logging into the student portal to cancel that lesson. Here you can also add a message to your teacher, so you can let them know if you need anything specific to be covered in the video lesson. The further in advance your teacher knows you will not be at the lesson, the better they can prepare and plan the video lesson for you for that week.

Using the student portal is the best way to make sure the calendar reflects any cancellations and video lessons. 

If you forget your portal login or need help navigating the portal please feel free to email or call us and we would be more than happy to talk you through your first time using the student portal. 

Please note this is our preferred method of lesson cancellation as it instantly updates our calendar with any changes. Any emails or phone calls to cancel lessons may be directed back to the student portal. Please do not only contact your teacher for lesson cancellations as it may not be accurately recorded in the calendar if it is not passed on from the teacher to admin in time.

Teacher Cancellations:

If your teacher is unable to teach your regular lesson (due to illness etc.), our Administration will contact you to reschedule said lesson. We will email, SMS and call you once to try and reschedule the lesson. If you are unable to attend any rescheduled lesson times or we do not hear back from you within a week of being contacted by phone, SMS and email to confirm a rescheduled lesson time, a time will be allocated to you for your teacher to create and send you a video lesson.

Students will be required to re-enrol for each new term before the start of the new term. If we do not receive confirmation of re-enrolment each term, your lessons will be removed from the calendar.

Our mid-term withdrawal policy and refund policy is that is we have a no withdrawal or refund policy once term has commenced for ongoing lessons. Your ongoing lesson enrolment is a commitment and as such we do not accept withdrawals for change of mind. 

If you need to withdraw from lessons due to an unexpected change of circumstance such as long term illness, injury or hardship, please contact our management team. In these circumstances, we will try to organise a credit for any remaining lessons wherever possible.

If you wish to change teachers, instruments or transfer lessons from one student to another, please contact management and we can discuss any possible options for you.

If you wish to discuss any of these policies please contact 

Or call 0422 502 623


And we would be more than happy to discuss them with you.

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