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NMA Live & Online: Your Interactive Online Music Lessons

Address: Your House | Your Workplace | Anywhere with Internet Connection

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Music is not cancelled.

Inspiration is not cancelled.
National Music Academy is not cancelled.

To our Dedicated and Valued NMA Family

On Friday March 20 The Australian Government announced a new social distancing rule to take affect from this coming Monday March 23 2020 amid the COVID19 pandemic currently affecting local, national and international social spaces.


As of tomorrow, Monday March 23 and for the health and safety of our amazingly talented students, our Teachers and Staff, National Music Academy will be initiating NMA Online via our new state of the art interactive online platform. Don't you be mistaken we will come back to face to face lessons but only when it is safe to do so. We are so lucky to be living in a world where we have access to  the technology that keeps us listening, keeps us learning, and keeps us connected.

We have been working hard back stage on implementing an online lesson option for all of our NMA students with plans of launching late 2020. Well...


the powers that be want it to break free and so we've made NMA Online LIVE and available now.


NMA Live & Online has been on standby for quite some time but we released it into the wild Monday March 16. For the past week we have been utilising NMA Live and Online for approximately 30% of our lessons and so far have received amazing heartfelt feedback from our students, our parents and our teachers.

Online Music Lesson

"We love NMA Online. Seeing and interacting with her teacher for her lesson this week while in isolation has helped her so much. She doesn't feel so alone..."

Virtual Classroom

Your teachers now have their own virtual classroom where they'll meet you for your lessons. Once your lesson space is set up you are just one-click away in gaining access to your teacher during your usual weekly lesson time (unless you've organised otherwise). Lessons can be recorded and viewed at a later point by the students so they'll have plenty to work on. Resources can be shared and setup is easy. For more information on how to setup NMA Live and Online head to our FAQ page

Guitar Playing

"NMA Online is the best. I don't have to rush and find a car park and I no longer need to buy them post lesson Maccas..."

Therapeutic Benefits

NMA Online allows for flexible learning, screen shares, recording of lessons and even file sharing giving our students plenty of homework and playback times between lessons. Music is a form of therapy and musical interventions improve our quality of life. We are so humbled to be told that the connection between our teachers and our students via our virtual lessons are bringing many therapeutic benefits during these unprecedented times as we transition to our safe spaces at home and away from one another. 

Mixing Music

"I really like teaching via NMA Online, because I get to see what gear my students are using at home. I've been giving them feedback on their setup. I can see they feel comfortable in their own space, too..."

On March 16 all Parents and Students were emailed instructions on how to set up for your online lessons. You can access initial correspondence HERE.


If you have any questions at all please email us over at and we will be more than happy to help. Don't forget to get connected with our Facebook Page as we'll be introducing some fun interactive games for our students to get amongst as well as making announcements. 

We are here for you. We are in this together. 

Let's stay listening.

Let's stay learning.

Let's stay connected.

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