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5 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask your Music Teachers in Maitland

One of the good investments you can spend on music aside from your instrument are music lessons.

Music lessons are a good way of furthering your learning and improving your playing. Since it is indeed an investment, getting music lessons is not something you just decide on the spot. It should be mulled over, and decided based on sound reasons.

You see, not all music lessons are the same. If you are going to invest on it, you should invest with the one that’s worthy in the first place.

Deciding can be pretty tricky and quite daunting. You have the questions but sometimes you are just too afraid to ask them. Especially the music teachers. You want to ask them as they are the frontliners of the music lessons, but just too intimidated to do so. Or too embarrassed even to ask a teacher, with these questions.

Worry no more, we got this for you. We have listed the five questions students are most afraid to ask their music teachers. Read on to know the answers to your questions.

I easily get bored in class and my mind flies a lot during the lessons. Sometimes, I am easily distracted, too. Are music lessons boring?

We really do understand your concern. Sometimes, even though we have the full resolve to be really attentive, the mind wanders before you even know it. And it would be just a shame, to waste your hard earned money when you can hardly pay attention to class.

You try hard to listen but sometimes you just get bored. You are in this predicament where you really want to listen but your short attention span doesn’t allow you to. How do you deal with inattentiveness? Would it just be great if this concern has a solution?

At National Music Academy (NMA) Maitland, this problem can be addressed. Why does your attention veer away in the first place? Because you are bored. Why are you bored? A top reason is familiarity.

If the lessons are not new to you, most likely you will space out. Why not? You already know it. This even happens to those who are first-time enrolees of music. However, even newbies sometimes have an existing knowledge of music already.

As they say familiarity breeds contempt. And NMA Maitland avoids going down this road. Before the students start their lessons, their music knowledge is first assessed. Based on these results, a lesson plan is developed according to the student’s existing knowledge.

What the student will have is a customised lesson fit for his needs. The interest is maintained as the student will be learning fresh lessons every session. There’s no opportunity to be bored at all.

And related to this, as for unnecessary distractions, NMA Maitland has comfortable classrooms conducive to learning. If the student wants a companion to sit in with him during class, he can do that as NMA Maitland allows that too. NMA Maitland maintains an open door policy to allow students to be more comfortable during their lessons.

I don’t want to come off as being doubtful of a teacher’s qualification, but how should I know that my music teacher is the best one?

This question is understandably hard to ask a teacher. It’s like questioning the teacher’s abilities but it’s not really your intention. It’s actually a very tricky question to ask. But we’re answering the question for you now here.

You don’t want to come off as offensive but you just want to know the teacher’s background as well. After all, you and the teacher must be a fit also. The teacher should know the things you want to learn.

You hope for a teacher that has the knowledge and experience in the field you are aspiring to. How do you check on his qualifications without being too forward about it?

NMA Maitland will help you avoid this awkwardness. You will get the information you need without being upfront about it. All of NMA Maitland instructors have their profile up on the academy’s website. Their write-ups describe their education and their experience.

You have the information right to your fingertips. You were able to avoid the awkwardness and at the same time learn about your prospective teachers.

And as if that isn’t enough already, student testimonials can also be found on the NMA website. Satisfied students speak volumes about the teachers and the school.

There’s also nothing like learning from the experience of a fellow student to get a fair assessment.

And a bonus to all of these, the teachers at NMA Maitland are qualified to be mentors, generic valtrex cheap price too. Most successful people have mentors who have guided them in their selected pathway.

So what more could you ask for? Qualified teachers, mentors, and endorsed by students all at the same time.

I really want to be on top of my music, are music lessons sufficient for me to learn?

You are probably really passionate about your music. And as passionate people go, you want to continuously learn about it. That’s actually very good as you intend to keep the fire of music burning within you.

At the risk of sounding overly excited(or worse, sounding dissatisfied with your lessons), you probably want to ask if there’s more to the music lessons? If the lessons are finished what happens next? Will there be a void after you have obtained your lessons? Should you be doing more?

You don’t want to get ahead of yourself but you are just passionate about your music so you ask this question. Nothing wrong with looking into the future.

As mentioned previously, NMA Maitland offers customised lessons for students. The syllabus will adjust as you move on with your learning. So nothing to worry about getting intermediate to advance lessons for your chosen field of music.

NMA Maitland also offers Industry Masterclasses. These sessions are wonderful supplements to the student’s lessons. In the masterclass, a music expert is invited to share their knowledge and experience in the music industry.

This is a great opportunity for the student to interact with the experts. They can ask the expert questions about the industry and see them perform too!

I am planning to get my HSC, will my music lessons be a distraction?

You are bent on getting your High School Certificate (HSC) but you also want to pursue your music. Has it come to a choice between getting your HSC and your music lessons?

You are really torn because you want to do both. However, you worry because your music lessons might interfere with your dreams of getting your HSC. So you find yourself in this dilemma.

You might be shy in asking this as you feel your teacher may not have anything to do with this, Well, you are wrong about that.

And we say, are you really in a dilemma? You don’t have to give up a dream over for the other. It doesn’t have to be, this or that only. It doesn’t have to be a single choice only.

Mentioned earlier, NMA Maitland teachers are also mentors. They are at your service to mentor you too on your HSC exams.

This is convenience at its finest, in your music school you have your teachers as your mentors, and in this same location you get your music lessons and your HSC tutoring. How awesome is that right?

While I want to learn music, I also want to perform live. I am too shy to perform, but I want to try it out. Will I ever learn how to perform with an audience?

You may feel too forward asking this question. You don’t have to be shy in asking it. If you dream of performing in front of an audience, there’s nothing wrong with that.

When you love music, you want to share it – performing is a great way of doing that. If performance is your way of expressing, there should be no shame in that.

And NMA Maitland understands this aspiration. NMA is affiliated with one of the biggest musical venues, and this gives the students a chance to perform live.

NMA Maitland also teaches performance techniques in the lessons so do not worry when you’re already up on the stage.

This is a very good opportunity for those students wanting to perform with an audience. You don’t have to wait for a long time to make your dream of performing come true.

And there goes your difficult to ask questions answered just for you. These are hard to ask questions but the answers are necessary for you to know because you need them to decide. With the discussion above, we hope we have satisfied you with the answers.

Bottomline, you just have to go for the best school to make sure you are investing well. NMA Maitland offers customised tuition to students and these are taught by qualified and experienced teachers. Beyond the lessons, they have Industry Masterclasses, mentoring, and gig opportunities. Choosing a school well (of course, NMA Maitland it is) is the answer to all the questions.

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