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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Guitar Lessons in Newcastle

Are you planning to enrol in guitar lessons soon in Newcastle but you’re not yet fully on-board? it’s okay to think about it first before diving in. Actually, it’s great that you’re thinking about it first – it means you’re not getting lessons for the sake of just getting them.

True enough, getting lessons is a commitment. You have to spend on it and at the same time devote time for lessons and practice regularly. It’s understandable that at some point you get hesitant in enroling as you do not want to waste your precious time and money.

So, it’s very much okay to consider all the possibilities. It is important to keep yourself informed so there will be no regrets later on.  And the better you thought of your decision, the better the outcome is.

We know that research is essential in times like this. We have summarized a list for you why you should get guitar lessons. Let’s start!

Get actual feedback – When you learn on your own you just follow those self-taught tutorials to your understanding. You may or may not interpret it correctly. It all depends on how you understand the manuals or the materials available.

The downside of this, you are limited to your own knowledge and experience and there’s no one to correct if you’re doing it all wrong. Since no one will tell you what you’ve been doing wrong, you’ll just keep doing the same mistake over and over again.

When you get guitar lessons, you get taught by an expert in guitar playing. They have become teachers of this field as they have the right qualifications for it – skill and experience. They are there to impart their knowledge and teach you what they can in guitars.

The best part of it you get actual feedback as you play. The teacher is there to tell you how to do it right and provides you real time comments to improve your playing. This is something valuable that you get when you enrol in guitar lessons.

Learn how to read music and understand music theory – Some people may scoff at reading music and music theory. They think it’s boring. They question if it’s really necessary in learning. Some people would just want skip to the guitar playing part already.

And actually, it’s a good question – is it important to learn how to read music and understand music theory? How will it make you a better guitar player? What role does it play in the lessons?

The answer? Yes, it’s important to learn these stuff even though it sounds boring on paper. When you learn to play the guitar, reading music and music theory should not be far behind. They are basic knowledge in music that should be learned.

When you play the guitar, how can you not read music? And to better understand your music, you should understand its foundation – the theories.

The more you know, the more you understand, the better your position is in guitar playing. Don’t dismiss the basics early on, they play an important role in understanding your music better.

Get access to workshops and masterclasses – Workshops and masterclasses aren’t part of the curriculum but if you have access to it – it should something you should look into. These are often offered in music schools alongside the lessons.

National Music Academy Newcastle offers these in their school as well and it aims to introduce students to the music scene. An expert in the music industry is invited to play and talk about their experience and knowledge in the business.

Workshops and masterclasses are important resources in music as well. They supplement what you learn inside the classroom. You get real and practical insights in music that will prove useful in your interest in music.

Higher success rate in entering higher music education – Planning to enter higher music education? Interested in taking guitar lessons but afraid it would distract you? Taking guitar lessons can actually help you increase your chances in entering higher music education.

As tabulated by National Music Academy Newcastle, their students who took music lessons have a 98% success rate in getting in. So don’t worry, it’s actually a win-win situation. You get your guitar lessons and your chances in getting in is increased also.

Regular playing schedule – Even though we are passionate and our interests are high on something, there comes a time when we just don’t feel like doing things. And when we set our own schedule, we are sometimes not strict on following it. It goes the same for guitar playing.

With guitars, you have to play and learn constantly to improve. Without practice and allotting time for guitar playing, you will not have any progress. No one becomes a great guitar player by just thinking about it. They become by doing what they can.

How do great guitar players make it? They continuously learn, they practice, they make time for it regularly.  When you don’t get lessons, your motivation to play may lessen. Why? You don’t have any regular lessons to attend to or commitment to practice on schedule.

When you have guitar lessons, you become more committed. You regularly have lessons and your get to play the guitar constantly. You don’t just pick your guitar only when you feel like it.

You’ve got lessons to attend to and who doesn’t get better through practice and more knowledge? Consistency is a key in improving your playing.

So what can you say about these (awesome) reasons why you should get guitar lessons? Through lessons, you get feedback right away on your guitar playing. You also get the chance to learn how to read music and understand music theory – both important in understanding your music more.

And it doesn’t even stop there – you get access to workshops and masterclasses and increase your chance in entering higher music education. Guitar lessons also builds your discipline – by letting you regular play your instrument.

To summarise, enrolling in guitar lessons puts you into an advantage. There are a lot of benefits you get when you take lessons. Benefits that are hard to come by when you’re just learning guitar on your own.

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