Building your EPK: Electronic Press Kit

Updated: May 7, 2020

Hey Rockstars - so let's talk about your EPK. The Term EPK is short for Electronic Press Kit. EPK's are used in business but are also for artists and musicians alike and just like a resume or CV they showcase your music, your experience and your career highlights within the music industry. National Music Academy can help you with your EPK with our Artist Mentorship Program. Contact us to find out more.

So EPK's provide downloadable media for use by the music industry (journalists, talent buyers, promoters, venues, labels etc) on your behalf and feature your musical achievements. Your EPK is your professional promo package go to for your music brand in assisting you in: - Booking local shows, national and international tours - Booking festival sets

- Becoming a support act for other artists on tour - Submitting to press for media coverage (interviews / reviews / promotion of shows/tours / album release) - Pitching your music to labels

- Pitching your music to supervisors (get your music in movies man, or on TV shows, on video games, even as you shop at your local Woolies!) and even

- Showing your mum how cool you look


Many things can be added to your EPK and depending on your time in the industry and what your goals are. For example: booking a 300 capacity venue for a ticketed show will look a little different to someone that is wanting to put themselves forward to another band for a tour spot with a travelling festival.

Below we have just a few elements of an EPK that you may or may not wish to add to your presentation. If you're able to use both text and graphics in your EPK it will help as you need to put as much helpful info in your EPK but without it being too cluttered.

Music industry folk have hundreds if not thousands of requests and emails to go through each week so you need to need to get their attention with relevant information and then keep it. You need to make it easy for them to access your data and you want to make a good impression.


Your biography should act as the main text block for your EPK. List your band’s achievements and recent shows at notable venues. Talk about bands you’ve supported and any endorsements you have, while giving some general background on the band and it’s members.

It’s always a good idea to start a biography with a recent press quote, if you have one. General advice always says that you should have both a large and short biography prepared – Your EPK should contain your long version. This is a very important bit of reading for anyone who wants to know about your band, so make sure to check spelling and grammar and get it proof-read to make sure it looks and sounds professional. Journalists will use this biography when they publish about you.