Live Streaming During COVID19

The whole world has changed in just a few months and so has the way we entertain.

During the global COVID19 pandemic artists the world over have come to be creative in showcasing their talent. Not only are they creating a deeper sense of community within their fan base but in gaining a sustainable revenue too.

The live entertainment industry has had a massive blow from festival, concert and even local pub and club acts being cancelled for the foreseeable future. Now, we sit at home in our tracky-dacks maintaining social distancing measures and stay-at-home orders in an effort to flatten the curve, and don't get me wrong, we're doing great so keep it up fam! While our amazing artists sit at home in their tracky-dacks too they are forced to explore creative online options in maintaining not only their own mental health and well-being but the mental and emotional stimulation of fans - not to mention a means for a viable source of income. Your friends here at National Music Academy are here to help, and have put together a playlist of handy hints and tips in being a successful live streaming artist so enjoy, and stay safe out there...

What should Artists and Musicians LIVE Stream?

Live Performances (like, der)

Songwriting Sessions Home Studio Tours Masterclasses Q&As

Some live streams could have a mix of content; from performing a few songs that then lead into a Q&A as you read through the comments of your live stream before finishing up with another performance. Remember that live streaming is unique and much more personal than performing at a concert. Here is your chance to reach out and to get to know your audience, and for your audience to reach on out and get to know you. Anyone can go to youtube and see you perform on demand but a live stream can bring your audience closer to you giving them an experience that will have them coming back. You also have the opportunity to ticket your live streams, to sell merchandise and request tips and donations so earning a revenue while still in lock down is possible.

How to Setup for your Live Stream

Your physical space: What is needed for you to do a successful live stream? How is the lighting in your space? Do you have access to ethernet connection or just WiFi? Does your space have decent acoustics if your performing?

What will b