• Pearl Davies

Mother's Day Jam: A Mummy & Me Production with National Music Academy

As we continue to stay safe and stay home we are having loads of fun with our NMA Online Covid19 Series of competitions and challenges and we're not done yet.

Next up we have our Mother's Day Jam for our NMA students and their mummahs, or their fathers that play the role of Mummah's too, yes we see you and we think you're doing an amazing job.

So, starting today and accepting entries until 5:00PM Sunday May 10 (Mother's Day) we will be taking video entries for our NMA Mother's Day Jam.

To enter:

1. Have your Mummah (or your fabbio daddio/your Grandie or your Aunt) select their most favorite jam (their favorite song guys).

2. Now whip out those hair brush microphones, flip those saucepans upside down and get ready to film your NMA Mother's Day Jam.

3. Our students need to film their Jam with their Mum (or guardian). Please watch your language for song selection too - this is a family show.

4. Get a mobile phone and film your jam. You have the option to sing your Mummah's favorite song, jam it using only instruments only from within your house (hair brushes and remote controls have always been a favorite), air guitar your song or even dance to your song. The idea is that our students have some fun with their mum.

5. After filming your Mother's Day Jam upload it to your facebook ensuring you tag our National Music Academy page by 5:00PM Mothers Day: Sunday May 10 2020.

If you have any questions please email us or head to our NMA Student and Parent Group on Facebook.

Get to it Mummah's - we love you and hope you have an amazing Mother's Day. You're amazing!

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