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NMA Alumni Artist Spotlight: Paris Grace

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

So by now you've probably heard her name around the Newcastle Music scene. From 12 years of age Paris Grace ignited her musical journey with National Music Academy and by her next birthday at the age of 13 she began to perform live. To date, Paris has already graced the stage in support of an array of Australian artists including Casey Donovan and The Thundamentals. At home, Paris has performed the local stages of Lizottes, The Cambridge Hotel, The Family Hotel, The Wickham Park Hotel, The Delany Hotel and many more with her soulful flavors comparable to the fabulous Etta James, Adele and Lennon Stella.

Paris has had music running through her bones with both her Grandmother and Great Grandmother as talented opera singers to family members in local performance outfits. Today, Paris is influenced by the vocal stylings of Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell and Tori Kelly.

In 2017 and at just 15 years of age Paris took out the judges choice award for Newcastle's Tip Jar Competition, a songwriting competition for the city of Newcastle complete with awards ceremony and a variety of events in partnership with local venues to celebrate local musicians. Her winnings scored her 10 hours of studio time, artist promotion, marketing press pack to assist with her PR efforts.

Fast forward to 2019 to her first single release "Brand New". Following through on this in 2020 with her first ever EP “Oceans Carry Me Home”. Oceans Carry Me Home is representative of Paris’ love for the ocean and her interest in relationships.

From a solo artist to duo work to a five piece band in BlueTide, Paris' vocal structure is ready for anything. Bluetide have also released their debut EP "Passing Time" with the Herald stating “Phelan's soaring guitar solos and Grace's wailing vocals are likely to pique the interest of classic rock fans.”

COVID19 has bowled us all this year, but Paris has taken the opportunity to hone her creative in developing her live performance through online live performances as well as working on her next release. "I have actually developed loads since COVID. I have had the time to focus on my music. I mainly performed live streams and released my EP. I believe the music industry in Newcastle have really knuckled down together and after COVID (I feel) we will all be closer and supportive". 

We asked Paris for a rundown on her new EP and the meaning of each track: "Oceans" is about my inner peace and my go to place. I feel extremely connected to the ocean and wanted to write about it. 

"I'm Here" is about my spirituality  and beliefs. My place in this world and my feelings about the world overall. 

"All I Am" is about a loving relationship. Wanting to be heard more, to grow together. Also, reminding the person this is who I am. 

"True Colours" is about a toxic relationship. Discovering their true colours. To get away from it even though it's hard.

Asking on her process of her songwriting Paris said that she usually starts with a chord progression she loves, then a melody and finally lyrics. We asked her a few other questions on her creative process and musical tenure:

What was your process in administering, recording and releasing your EP:

The process for my EP was gathering all four songs and connecting them. Recording with Jack, editing. Lots of Promotion. I then did an EP launch gig at Lizottes once the EP was out. 

How long were you at National Music Academy and what classes did you take:

I was at NMA for 6 years as a singing student and then later worked in admin. 

What did you find most beneficial from your time at NMA: NMA helped me become the musician i am today. NMA helped me with songwriting, promoting, singing and recording, I could go on for ages. 

If you've collaborated with other Artists, what's been your favorite experience, with who and why: I have been collaborating with many different artists lately. It helps grow songwriting and your mind when working with others. I adore it! My favourite experience was meeting new people and stepping out of my comfort zone.  I've been working with Sione, Lili Crane, Chloe Gill, Jai Maree and many more.." What marketing did you organise for your EP release: I promoted myself and made sure the EP was out for people to listen on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, Youtube, Google Play, Apple Music, Tik Tok and many more. 

What's next for Paris Grace you say? The launch of her very first music video that's what!

Paris will grace us with her release this Saturday August 29 2020 at 6PM so get in touch on her socials.

"I am so excited. I worked very hard with Benn Allsop to create the Music Video. I am currently in the making of recording new songs as well. VERY exciting things happening VERY SOON"

You can find Paris Grace on Triple J Uneartherd, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Spotify and Apple Music

For Private Parties and events you can book Paris via her Crowd Pleaser profile or by contacting her direct. For more videos be sure to head to the YouTube channel of Paris Grace.

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