• Pearl Davies

It's DIY Dress Up time with NMA Online!

Hey there Rock Stars guess what!

We are stoked to be running our very own DIY Dress Up competition for our NMA Online lessons next week between Monday March 30 2020 until FriYAY April 3 2020.

Now you need to listen up because this is different from the normal dress up competitions as we're needing you to dress up ONLY in a costume you have from home. If you don't have a costume at home then we'd love to see your HOME-made costumes made purely from items around the house. If you don't have a costume at home you can make theee most hilarious DIY costumes to do your online lessons in with ONLY what you can find at home. So that's no leaving the house to get fancy mmm-k, no leaving the house. We want you dress in your favorite costume if you have one OR get every day items from around your house and construct the best, worst costume ever!

Now we're all creatives here aren't we so let's get creative!


1. Have a costume collecting dust in the bottom of your floor-drobe? Pull it out and give it a shake. No costume - no worries. You can construct your best, worst DIY HOME-made costume using anything from around your house. 2. Upload and image and/or video of yourself in your fab DIY costume to your social media tagging National Music Academy on Facebook and/or Instagram and let everyone know this is your HOME-made DIY costume for NMA Online.

3. Wear your costume or DIY costume at the time of your online lessons between Monday March 30 and FriYAY April 3.

4. Your Teachers, Management and Admin of NMA will select a winner on Friday April 3.

IMPORTANT: ALL DIY COSTUMES MUST BE MADE USING HOUSEHOLD MATERIALS LAYING AROUND YOUR HOUSE. NO GOING OUT TO THE SHOPS SO LET'S GET CREATIVE. Any questions please reach out via our facebook page or by email at: admin@nationalmusicacademy.com.au

Want some inspiration...

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