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Sing your Way to Success: How to Get the Most Out of your Singing Lessons in Newcastle

Ahh, the magical act of singing, so we meet again. The one instrument that everyone can play. And how can you improve, you may ask? Well, that would be through singing lessons! Yes, that’s right, voice box training, with a trained vocal coach. But how can lessons help you improve? I have the answers for you!

Ever heard someone sing, that just made you say ‘wow’? Well, I have some tips as to how you can get the most out of your singing lessons, and make people say ‘wow’ at the sound of your own voice! You’ll be singing like Beyonce in no time.

First of all.. practice. And I know, you get told this all the time, but it really does help. If you love singing as much as I do, practice should just come naturally to you. Us singers, we are constantly singing. In the shower, in the car, doing chores, aisles of supermarkets, everywhere! So, when you catch yourself having a cheeky little sing, think about what your teacher told you to practice during your lesson. Maybe it was to pronounce your words more clearly, or to project your voice more, or maybe it was just some simple exercises. In these moments, just be conscious of the way you are singing, and ask yourself if you are doing the things your teacher has asked you to practice.

Then, voila! You have officially practiced! See? Not that hard is it? Also, expanding on the whole ‘practice’ thing, just sing everywhere. Some of the weirdest places have the best acoustics and can make your voice sound awesome! For example, if you find yourself walking through a tunnel, or if you’re in a bathroom, take the time to stop for a few minutes and sing. It’ll be worth your while, trust me.

Also, if you don’t know this already, when your teacher points out something that you might be able to improve on, don’t get upset or think that they’re saying you’re a bad singer. Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘constructive criticism‘? Well, that’s what they’re doing. Just because they’re picking out one thing that’s wrong, it doesn’t buying propecia mean the whole song was bad. They are simply helping you realise that there might be a better way that you’ll be able to sing that note, or there might be a technique you can use to get the song as beautiful as it can be. After all, that’s how you improve. And, if you still can’t hear what on earth they’re going on about, you can record yourself singing and listen back to it. Chances are, you’ll be able to hear it. Once you get past the whole ‘hating the sound of your recorded voice‘ thing, like every singer has to go through.

Another thing to help you make the most of your lessons is to be organised. Even if you’re usually the most unorganised person in the world, like myself, it’s a good idea to have a good list of songs that you’d like to have a go at singing. Whenever you hear a song on the radio that you think you might be able to sing, take note of it and suggest it to your teacher in your lesson. Even if you find the song doesn’t really suit your voice, that’s fine. The only way to discover the type of songs your voice suits the best is through trial and error.

Once you’ve found your niche, you can then have a go at manipulating other singing styles with the help of your teacher, and possible revisit the songs that you thought didn’t suit your voice. Because once you master one style, you’ll be able to work out what vocal techniques need to be used in different genres. For example, if you’re singing rock, you need to be able to belt and use twang, and if you want to sing some songs by Birdy, you’ll want to use a higher, more breathy tone. It’s all about vocal placement! Something you’ll learn about if you take up singing lessons newcastle.

So, I hope that some of my tips have been helpful to you, so you can get the best possible results out of your singing lessons and sing your way to success! Happy singing 🙂

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