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The benefits of connecting with your music tutor

When endeavouring to start something new, being inspired and motivated are essential factors to ensure success and progress. For music, connecting with your music tutor and finding one that suits your needs is imperative. This allows yourself to improve and stay focused. Each individual has various requirements that allow them to thrive. Whether it be honing technical skills or advancing theory knowledge, NMA have the teacher that will perfectly suit your ability and goals, as well as allow the development of a positive relationship with your tutor. Allowing yourself, with the help of NMA, will nourish your creative ability and help you to thrive.

Connecting with your music tutor begins with recognising their talent, ability and willingness to share that with you. Each of our teachers have extensive experience in the music industry and are prepared to share with you their knowledge of learning from their mistakes. As a student that has engaged with multiple teachers, it is imperative that you and your music tutor develop a positive relationship and environment to achieve. Connecting with your music tutor will not only allow you to feel motivated and inspired but excited to attend lessons.


Sourcing motivation is often difficult, especially when you find yourself struggling with certain aspects. Having your music teacher guide you through your difficulties in music and provide insight will assist in developing your motivation. Conversing with your teacher regarding your struggles and setting goals to overcome the challenge will increase your determination and force you to strive. Our students will vouch for how connecting with your music tutor has enhanced their motivation and allowed them to strive.

‘Since starting lessons at NMA with Adam, I have been inspired to drastically improve my music ability. He has shown me the potentials and wonders of music that can forever be explored, motivating me to learn, perform and love my music. Through Adam’s inclusive, kind and nurturing tutoring, I have gained the confidence to pursue goals and dreams that I didn’t even know I had and now couldn’t live without. He has musical knowledge and ability I have always looked to as something to strive for and he has forever inspired and helped to me to reach that level.’

Patrick Johansen- Guitar Student


Due to the knowledge and expertise of our teachers, inspiration stems from their encounters with the music world that they can share with their students. Our teachers range from Newcastle Conservatorium students, Sydney Opera House Encore performers, Tamworth Country Music Festival stars and Indie Rock hit artists; catering for all students needs, whether it be attaining music grades, preparing for the HSC or learning music for enjoyment. We suit each student to a teacher depending on their interests and ability for ultimate inspiration. Being inspired by your music teacher invites you to develop and strive for goals while be encouraged to do so.

‘Both my teachers Adam and Gerda have inspired me to work extremely hard at my craft, to follow my dreams and to never stop believing in myself. Gerda has shown me how to create music from my life obstacles and Adam has inspired me to always reach for the stars, and that there’s always a way.’

Chloe Parker- Guitar & Vocal Student


Connecting with your music tutor that motivates and inspires you to achieve your potential will ultimately result in success. No matter your goal, your teacher will allow you to succeed by balancing a healthy relationship of friendship and mentor ability. Our students have achieved incredible accomplishments, including performing as support acts for major Australian artists, recording their own songs and growing a following on social media. Vocal student, Paris Willott, has performed multiple performances at Lizottes, developed her own band and shows gratitude to her vocal teacher, Brooke.

‘Brooke is a great teacher as she helped me achieve me with my goals in singing and we have formed a really good relationship which helps me and I look forward to the lessons’

Paris Willott- Vocal Student

Across my seven years of learning music, I have found that I earn the most out of my lessons when I have established an environment with my teacher that I feel comfortable in and know that they are supportive. My teachers at NMA have taught that the room that we are learning in is one for mistakes and growth that they want to nourish and watch their students prosper in. As well as developing bonds of friendship with my teachers, in which I can exude pride in watching their success in their music endeavours. Building a relationship with your teacher will guide you to reach your potential and allow you to pass on the wisdom you have gained.

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