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The Wrap on Term One By Isabella Crebert


By Isabella Crebert

The long anticipated two weeks of a break from reality have finally arrived!

The first term of NMA has been an exciting one, jam packed with all things musical. Lots of musically stimulating plans were put into place in term one. The inaugural HSC course, The Song Writing course, The Song Writing competition finals, of course, there were plenty of Live Lounge entertainment and gigs.

The HSC course began its very first steps into coaching and mentoring musicians in their final stages of schooling. The HSC course is designed to weekly inform and prepare these students for receiving their greatest potential. Within the weekly classes, students study the six components of music and the criteria involved in the exam. The HSC classes are aimed to become practical and focus more on the niche areas that musicians grapple with. NMA would highly recommend that any student in the process of stage six music to attend the HSC course, in order to further the knowledge and attack at the areas of improvement.

The songwriting course is in full swing. This course is aimed at musicians who are aspiring to fulfill their songwriting dreams, or even just get started at laying down basic lyrics and chords. So far, the students have looked at lyrics, melody and chord theory. The course compiles of reliability on composing and being an artist that can trust their instincts but avoid writer’s block. Just recently, the songwriters have finalised adding melody to chords and the variation of chords within a song which has seen very impressive improvement for many. Overall, The Song Writing course has had a great effect on the NMA songwriters. Definitely look into this if you are interested in composition, want to further your knowledge for HSC purposes, or to just make your own music.

On the topic of songwriting; towards the commencement of 2016, NMA released the “Songwriting Competition”. We were flooded with entries of extreme talent from students and even those outside of NMA. Of course, there can only be one winner. On the 25th of February, the finals night was held at the Newcastle’s treasure; Bar Petite. Each performer of the night gave a stunning performance, with a major variety and contrast between them, and supreme talents in all areas. The distinction buy valtrex valacyclovir between genres of the songs created an incredible atmosphere and evening for those who came to be graced by the talent. The extremely talented guitarist and vocalist, Ryan Hemsworth, took out the 2017 title of The Songwriting Competition. Ryan’s well-deserved win earns him mentoring here at the National Music Academy, an acoustic recording of their song at Studio 301 in Sydney, and a World-Wide release package from Ditto Music; all totaling close to $3000. Watch this space for the up and coming, Ryan Hemsworth. You can get a glimpse of Ryan’s incredible ability on his Facebook and YouTube. Congratulations Ryan!

NMA’s homegrown superstar, Grace Lovatt, released her very first single; “The Cry”. The Cry was composed for Grace’s passion in relation to the ill-treatment of refugees. Grace’s tear-jerking melody was composed at 301 studios in Sydney with producer Jay… Grace fell in love with the process of writing and recording her own music. The Cry featured on Triple J in March. Grace is also another upcoming talent that we should all be watching for more incredible songs. Have an= listen and fall in love with “The Cry”. *disclaimer*: keep the tissue box nearby.

The talent of all of our students is flourishing greatly. There is an incredible number of students willing to put their hand up to perform in front of an audience at the Live Lounges. Courage, determination, and talent are prominent within all of these brave students willing to showcase their ability. One of the highlights and most rewarding components of sitting at the front desk of NMA is witnessing how the students improve over time. Not just in their musical ability, but through confidence. It puts the biggest smile on my face to see once timid and shy students, now performing in front of hundreds of people. All of NMA agree that we cannot wait to see more evolution in confidence and ability from our brilliant students. This is just the beginning.

NMA hope that term one has been just as incredible for you and that you are anticipating an even more successful term two!

Practice hard throughout the holidays and make sure that you have booked in your makeup lesson. We look forward to the term ahead. Big things are happening here at NMA. Stay tuned!

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