What is the Secret to learning an instrument fast and correctly?

Is there a secret besides hours of practice?

Is there a secret method or formula that gives anyone the edge?

Is it the way we practice?

Is it having an incredible teacher that can lay out the path and guide you?


It’s actually a combination of all of the above. Can you learn off YouTube - 100% YES!! The issue is that the amount of content and noise online impairs students more than it helps them.

Is the student learning the correct thing to help them achieve their musical goals? Well, it depends on the tutorial, and if that’s the best thing to learn first or what the student may need to learn to progress musically.

The BEST way to learn is by learning the way we learn a language because music is a language. When you learn song after song what you are learning is a recipe for one meal at a time - sure it can taste great, however, what you want to do is learn to cook.